Dermastir Énergie Pellet Cleanser

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Keeping your face clean is the most important part of your daily skincare routine. Different products can be used for that purpose. However, not all of them provide the best results. Find your perfect cleanser and you are half-way the perfect skin.

One of the recommended products is Dermastir Énergie Pellet Cleanser. Its active formula keeps your skin smooth, fresh and clean. This cleanser is good for all skin types and with its travel-friendly format, you’ll be able to keep it always near and carry it around with you.

Your skin deserves the best

Your daily skincare routine has an enormous impact on the face you see every day in the mirror. One of the most important things while choosing products for your facial skin care is to know what type of skin you have. In this case, you’ll know how to take care of it.

Since Dermastir Énergie Pellet Cleanser is super gentle, it is recommended by dermatologists for all skin types, even for the most sensitive ones. Because of its formula, it is suitable for every day’s use. And It doesn’t make the skin dry.

Perfect both for exfoliation and cleansing, the Dermastir Énergie Pellet Cleanser leaves the skin soft and smooth without irritating it. At the same time, it refines and improves cell renewal, so the beneficial effects are not only on a superficial level. It cleans the pores thoroughly, leaving your skin hydrated and radiant.

Is a cleanser the same as a face wash?

Is a cleanser the same as a face wash? That must be one of the questions you might have asked yourself so far. Well, both of the products clean the face. The main difference is in their structure and purpose.

The cleanser removes make-up and excess oil from your pores. On the other hand, thanks to its foaming action, the face wash removes deeper-seated impurities. Since the Dermastir Énergie Pellet Cleanser transforms into foam on contact with water, this product works even better than a regular cleanser.

How to use it?

Like we have already said, on contact with water, Dermastir Énergie Pellet Cleanser transforms into a foam. That’s why even a very small amount of the product is enough. Mix with water one small amount of the cleanser, then rub it between your hands. Massage on a wet face and neck.

We are suggesting to use circular motions why applying the product on the skin, because of the numerous beneficial effects face massage provides. By massaging your face with the product, all its active ingredients can deeply penetrate tissue. What’s more, massage stimulates the facial muscles improving in general facial muscle tone and collagen production.

How Long Does It Take to See the Results?

Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as an instant fix when it comes to taking care of your skin. It’s always a process and you always need some time to reap the benefits of any product.

The same goes for Dermastir cleanser. To notice a difference, use the product over at least a few weeks as we have described above in our article.


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