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Earlobe Treatment: Causes, Procedure, Prevention

The person looking at ourselves from the mirror is constantly changing. Unlike wine that gets better with age, some of our features don’t look like we thought they were supposed to be.

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Even though, wrinkles and fine lines are some of the principal reasons for which people undergo various beauty treatments, some of them are quite unsatisfied with the appearance of their ears.

However, this is something that can be changed after effective earlobe treatment!

What is Earlobe Rejuvenation?

Probably, every time you are thinking of getting an earlobe fix, you are thinking of earlobes surgery! But guess what? Great news for all those who don’t want to go under the knife: Earlobe rejuvenation without surgery does exist!

Saggy and wrinkled ears, stretched and hanging earlobes, flat or deflated lobes; whatever the problem is, a simple earlobe rejuvenation without surgery can help you achieve desired results and boost self-esteem.

While protecting our face and taking good care of it, we somehow keep constantly forgetting about our ears. Sun exposure and other environmental damages, as well as aging, negatively affect ears too. It’s not surprising to look at yourself one day in the mirror and conclude that now you have your grandmother’s ears.

Why grandmother’s you may ask? Well, because compared to men, women more often have hanging ears. Among other factors that lead to wrinkled or hanging earlobes, earrings partnered with good old gravity stretch out lobes additionally.

Hanging earlobes appear over time as a totally normal part of the aging process. Sometimes, an earlobe can be damaged as a result of an accident. Whatever the cause is, if you have been asking yourself how to fix stretched earlobes or how to fix wrinkled earlobes, you should know that the answer is the same: earlobe rejuvenation.

What Happens During My Earlobe Rejuvenation Treatment?

Many patients are interested in the steps of the procedure and want to know how it’s done. We may tell you that the procedure is pretty simple. Earlobes don’t have that many blood vessels that can be found in the other parts of the face. That’s what makes the whole earlobe treatment simpler and safer.

If someone insists, a topical anesthetic can be applied before the procedure. Anyway, according to the experience of most patients, earlobe repair isn’t painful and it’s quick. The whole procedure will last less than a few minutes and the results will be visible immediately. One of the biggest advantages is that there’s no downtime post-treatment. You just come in, do it and you can go back to work afterward, go to lunch in a public restaurant or the gym.

Keep in mind that the effects are temporary. They last for several months, from 6 to 12 usually. Each body absorbs the filler differently, so someone may have even longer-lasting effects. Of course, the type of product you use also plays a very important role. For more optimal results, you can repeat the treatment.

When it comes to the number of injections and the type of filler you should use for your earlobe treatment, the best thing is to consult a trusted specialist. Explain your aesthetic goals, and the solution will be easily found.

What are the Benefits of Earlobe Rejuvenation?

So finally, let’s see what to expect with earlobe rejuvenation. Simply said, the earlobe rejuvenation is one of these tiny procedures that make a huge difference. These are the main benefits of earlobe rejuvenation:

  • The earlobe treatment with fillers is a non-invasive procedure without a post-treatment recovery phase.
  • It makes wrinkles and creases go away and at the same time improves the overall skin texture.
  • Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers plump, smooth and soften the skin of earlobes.
  • Elongation is minimized and it will be possible to wear earrings again.

How to Prevent Stretched Earlobes?

Like we have already mentioned, wrinkles and hanging earlobes are a normal part of aging. However, some safety precautions can keep you away from getting your earlobe torn apart as a result of an accident.

  1. Take off your earrings at home. Wear them just when you go out or for special occasions.
  2. Try wearing simple jewelry, for example, earrings that don’t dangle that much.
  3. If you’re a fan of heavy and big earrings, wear them as little as possible.
  4. Avoid wearing large-gauge earrings. They might be fashionable, but they result in stretched earlobes that require earlobe treatment once you decide to stop wearing them.

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