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Apart from the face, our hands are the most exposed part of our body. The number of things that we use our hands for in everyday life is endless and they get in touch with all types of materia. Hands are also exposed to UV rays all the time during summer, but they also suffer from cold temperatures in winter. Constantly smoking, drinking alcohol and having an unhealthy lifestyle have effects on our whole body, especially the skin.

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Besides obvious ageing, these are some of the reasons why our hands get wrinkles, folds and become dry. Luckily, medicine, cosmetics and esthetics have found many different methods to treat wrinkled hands, and one of the best ones is the Hand Rejuvenation Treatment with Dermal Fillers.

What is Hand Rejuvenation Treatment?

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment is the procedure of making your hands look younger. One of the methods for rejuvenating hands is injecting dermal fillers into certain parts of your hands. The fillers can be made of different ingredients and have different effects, but they all have in common the goal to give the customer youthful and soft hands. The treatment can be performed by different types of doctors, cosmeticians, estheticians, or esthetic surgeons. Everybody experiences the ageing of their hands now or then, and nobody is satisfied with having old-looking dry hands with dark veins and loose skin. The hand rejuvenation treatment helps solve all those problems at once!

Ellanse Fillers for Hand Rejuvenation

Ellanse Fillers are dermal fillers used for many different non-surgical procedures and they help reduce facial wrinkles and fine lines, but they are also used for rejuvenation of the hands. The Ellanse fillers consist of a biodegradable synthetic material called polycaprolactone, shortly known as PCL. The difference between PCL and hyaluronic acid is that HA works on lubricating and moisturizing the tissues by keeping it hydrated, while PCL stimulates the natural production of collagen, which our bodies stop producing at some point in time. Ellanse fillers will give you a long lasting solution and your body will continue to increasingly produce collagen and keep its skin young and fresh. Therefore, the Ellanse dermal fillers are a great choice for hand rejuvenation treatment. Your hands will be soft and smooth, with fewer wrinkles and fine lines, looking fresh and healthy.

Types of Ellanse Fillers

There are 2 types of Ellanse Dermal Fillers and the difference between them is how long they will last:

  • Ellanse S filler can last up to 1,5 year.
  • Ellanse M filler can last up to 2 years.

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Procedure

After consulting with your doctor, deciding to do the hand rejuvenation treatment, choosing the filler and scheduling an appointment, the next part is the procedure itself. You will get the local anesthesia or anesthetic cream, in order to reduce the chances of feeling any pain or discomfort. The skin of your hands will be cleansed and disinfected before the injection begins. The fillers are slowly and carefully injected with a long thin needle or a cannula. The number of syringes and the amount of filler depends on each person individually, therefore the procedure time might vary and last up to an hour. After the procedure is finished, you are free to go home and there is no hospitalization included.

Preparation and Aftercare

You are not required to do any special preparation or aftercare, but there are some things you can pay attention to and reduce the chances of getting any risks or side effects.
The preparation usually includes 2 weeks prior to the treatment. Within those two weeks, you should try to eat as healthy as possible, drink a lot of water in order to hydrate your body, avoid junk food, avoid smoking cigarettes and vape, drinking alcohol and exposing your skin to the sun. Eating green vegetables, which have high levels of vitamin K, will help you prevent bruising.

When it comes to aftercare, there is no special treatment needed. Your doctor might prescribe you some creams to apply to your hands daily, considering the fact that it is possible for bruises, redness and swelling to appear in the first few days after the treatment. Other than that, you might keep your hands warm enough and avoid sun exposure.

Am I eligible for the treatment?

The Ellanse Hand Rejuvenation Treatment is safe for adults of all ages. It is recommended if you have bony hands, veiny hands, or loose skin. The treatment will plump up your hands, fill the skin from the inside, reduce the appearance of veins and bones and give you long lasting results in having smooth youthful hands.

Benefits of Ellanse Hand Rejuvenation Treatment

  • Immediate results without having to take a break from your job or social life;
  • long lasting results and the possibility to choose the filler and its length, between 1,5 and 2 years;
  • amazing results and having smooth, youthful hands with less wrinkles and less loose skin;
  • hands appearing less bony and veiny;
  • improves the overall skin quality.
  • biodegradable natural filler;

Ellanse Fillers Side Effects

Side effects of Ellanse fillers are rare but you might experience the following:

  • bruising and redness of the hands;
  • low intensity pain;
  • itching or swelling;
  • having a fever;
  • discolouration of the treated area.

Hand rejuvenation treatment experience

People who underwent the treatment reported having their skin appearance improved, with their skin being softer, tighter and smoother. Majority of users of this treatment have been willing to repeat it several times, depending on their age-reversal needs, as well as the type of filler they have used. Overall, the hand rejuvenation treatment has shown to provide younger and healthier-looking hands immediately upon the completion of the treatment. If you walk in with wrinkled hands, showing ligaments, bones and veins, we guarantee that you will walk out with restored, fuller volume appearance.


What is hand rejuvenation treatment?

Hand rejuvenation treatment is an esthetic treatment of making your hands appear and feel more youthful and soft. There are different procedures which include dermal fillers, lasers, cryotherapy, creams or lotions, etc.

How much does hand rejuvenation cost?

The cost of the treatment cannot be told with full certainty, because all cosmeticians and doctors have their own price and different fillers cost differently, but the cost of the treatment will roughly be between 1000 Euro.

How long do Ellanse fillers last?

Ellanse has 2 types of fillers: S,M and they last 1,5 and 2 years respectively.

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