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Lip enhancement and Augmentation treatment

Lip enhancement is a cosmetic procedure that aims to give plumper lips and smooth lip lines. It can last up to 1 year or more, depending on what type of treatment you choose. Here, we are going to cover everything you need to know.

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Treatment options

You can choose the type of treatment you want to get depending on what you’re looking for. There are temporary options like dermal fillers that can last up to a year and also, permanent lip implants. The options are:

  • Dermal fillers 
  • Fat injections
  • Lip implants

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Fuller or smoother lips with dermal fillers

The most popular dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid as the main ingredient. There are still collagen fillers available as an alternative, but they are more likely to cause an allergic reaction, they don’t last longer than 3 months and they don’t keep the shape of the lips as hyaluronic fillers do. 

You can choose what filler you’re going to get depending on a style that you’re going for. There’s a wide selection of lip filler brands such as Juvederm and Restylane. 

Why we use Hyaluronic acid lip injections (Dermal filler injections)

They last up to 12 months, so they are a great choice if you are going for temporary but still long-lasting results. The benefits of using hyaluronic acid fillers are: 

  • You can choose the volume and size of your lips and increase it gradually during different appointments.
  • There’s less chance for things to go wrong. You may get lumps and bumps but you can get rid of them easily by massaging the area. 
  • Hyaluronic acid lip fillers are made from substances similar to those found in the body, so there’s a less chance to get an allergic reaction. But, some fillers contain local anaesthesia (lidocaine) so you should tell your doctor if you’re allergic before treatment.

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How does the lip enhancement treatment look like

Before the lip injection, numbing agents may be applied to ease the pain. It is usually in a form of topical anaesthetic (numbing cream) or local anaesthesia. Sometimes, nerve block injections can be given to completely numb the lips. Doctors will carefully mark the areas where fillers have to be injected and, with very fine needles, inject the substance into your lips. The treatment usually lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. 

What to Expect During the treatment

You will certainly feel some kind of pain, but it’s not worse than getting a vaccination. You can gauge the true effect of the lip filler when it’s being done, but it’s going to be a lot harder if your lips are swollen. You can avoid that by avoiding numbing cream if you can bear the pain. You can put ice on your lips before the procedure and also after. It will help with pain and bruising. After a procedure, your lips may look overfilled, but don’t panic, it will go away in no more than 24 hours and your lips will look beautiful. 

Main benefits and risks of lip enhancement treatment

Fuller lips can make a person look and feel younger and also help boost their confidence. Hyaluronic acid fillers can provide a nice natural look. You can choose the style and size of your lips and increase it gradually. There are a few side effects that include:

  • Bleeding from injection sites
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Redness
  • Reactivation of fever blisters (herpes simplex)
  • Lumps and bumps in the lips (they can be removed by massaging the area) 

These can last up to a few days. If side effects get worse, you should see your doctor. 

What to consider before lip enhancement treatment

Before getting your lip fillers, you should think and decide what area or areas of your lips you want to change. Also, you have to decide which style will suit you best. For the perfect natural look, the top lip should be 70% of the size of the bottom lip. The Vermilion Dollars Lips is a classification system that will help you find your ideal lip shape and size. There are six basic lip styles: the Classic, Rubina, Cupid, Pearlique, Hollywood and Angelic. Also, you should consider whether it is worth the risk, but the complications are very rare and if you choose the right doctor, there’s nothing to worry about. 

Lip Augmentation Consultation

You need to research several surgeons, don’t settle for the first that pops on your feed. It is important to check if the surgeon is professionally trained and if he has a lot of experience. You should be aware of all your options and, with the help of a doctor decide which is the best for you. 

Lip augmentation aftercare

  • To reduce swelling, itching, bruising and pain you can apply ice pack of ice cube covered in cloth (so it doesn’t stick to the lip). 
  • You can take Arnica pills for bruising if your doctor approves. 
  • It is important to stay hydrated, so drink plenty of water, it will help you heal. Also, you should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that are filled with water
  • You can take painkillers if you need to, but you have to ask your doctor first. You can’t take blood-thinning medications like ibuprofen.  

Lip enhancement treatment recovery and what to avoid after treatment 

Side effects go away in a couple of days. It usually takes 4 weeks for lips to fully recover and to achieve the desired look.

  • You should avoid exercise for 24 to 48 hours after the procedure. Elevated blood pressure and heart rate from exercise may make swelling or bruising worse. 
  • Avoid high temperatures like going to saunas or steam rooms. 
  • Avoid applying makeup on your lips for 24 hours after getting lip fillers.
  • You should avoid smoking right after the procedure. Smoking can increase the risk of infection. 
  • Avoid taking alcohol beverages for at least 24 hours after the procedure. Alcohol acts as a blood thinner and it can increase swelling and bruising. 
  • Try avoiding foods that contain sodium. Sodium may worsen swelling. Also, avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours.
  • Don’t go on a flight a week after you get fillers. Air pressure in a plane can make swelling worse. 

When should you consider to re-treat your lips again?

You can get lip fillers every six months. After the filler is dissolved, the lips return to their original shape. If you want, you can get them done six months after last treatment or when you feel that they lost their volume. 


Can you get lip augmentation treatment?

You can if you are not pregnant or breastfeeding.

How to select the right treatment for lip augmentation?

You have plenty of options and you can choose one based on what you want. If you want temporary but still long-lasting results go with hyaluronic acid lip injections. They will give you natural-looking lips and they can last up to a year. If you are going for a permanent option, choose lip implants.

What are the main risks?

There are a couple of risks you should be aware of. They are really rare and you can avoid them by going to the professional surgeon that has lots of experience. The risks are:

  • Vascular occlusion-blood vessel blockage that can result from the accidental injection of filler into an artery. It can lead to tissue death. It has to be treated immediately. 
  • Blindness- very rare complication. It occurs when the filler is injected incorrectly and blocks one of the blood vessels that supply the central retinal artery.

How much does it cost?

Depending on where you’re getting lip injections, amount of injections and doctor, lip injections can cost anywhere from 300€ to 1500€.

Will my lips look natural after lip injection treatment?

Yes, they will look natural as long as you do not go overboard. You can decide with your surgeon the size and the shape of your lips. After the treatment you feel like the lips are still not the size you want, you can go and get another procedure. If you feel like it’s too much, wait till the final results show up which can take up to 6 weeks. After that, if you still feel like they are too big, you can get hyaluronidase that can remove the filler.

Are lip enhancements permanent?

No. Lip fillers can last up to a year. An only permanent option are lip implants. Lip implants are a type of permanent lip augmentation that uses plastic implants to plump the lips.

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