Get to know My Esthetic better

We are family-owned practice opened in 2016. With the use of our business and aesthetic experience, build abroad, we opened a place for every aesthetic enthusiast.

With minimal invasive treatments mostly based on hyaluronic acid, together with our team, we created a well- known atmosphere and well-known client support.

Why should you select My Esthetic over the others?

As Düsseldorf based practice, we have a lot of competition working in the same area. What makes us different are not just the quality of our treatments and product but our personal client approach. The approach were we address client’s external and internal issues, giving them guidelines and solution.

My Esthetic mission and core values

“Invest in your skin, she is representing you” is something that we as company nurture and spread out to our clients. Our discretion makes us stand out in the market. Clients are not just numbers or means to spread out good “word of mouth”; they are the core of our company and part of our big family.

How do we care about you?

Taking care of our clients is our top priority. We succeed it that, by hearing all your concerns and desires, adapting treatments to your needs and offer the best possible solution and products. Our goal is to guide you to natural-looking results.

What you can expect from your beauty treatment with My Esthetic?

Every treatment starts first with conversation and consultations, without the right amount of information, we do not proceed with the treatment. During the conversation, we get to know your skin problems or complications and then offer you, best suitable product for a fair price. We take our time!

My Esthetic speciality

Our main speciality is minimally invasive treatments based on hyaluronic acid and collagen. We do not offer any operative treatments but we have large portfolio doctors, who we work closely with.

Our main procedures are:

  • Rejuvenation using Hyaluronic acid
  • All kind of wrinkle treatments
  • Microneeding with vitamins and peptide boosters
  • Collagen treatments

My Esthetic clinic

Our big advantage as a practice is discretion our clients get. With us, there is no long waiting time, a small amount of people in the waiting room and always is someone present to address your questions and concerns.

Do you have a question?

If you have some questions, feel free to send us a message

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