Under-eye Wrinkles: What causes them and how to get rid of them?

Under-eye wrinkles are a perfectly normal sign of aging, even though some external factors such as smoking or excessive sun exposure can accelerate their formation. What’s more, the area around the eyes is pretty gentle and sensitive, therefore it’s more prone to wrinkles. This is especially true for the skin with blood vessels under your eyeball.

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All in all, these lines are nothing to be ashamed of. However, if it makes you feel a little bit sad to see them as a sign of the time that is going by so fast, keep in mind that there are some ways to reduce the existing lines, or prevent the formation of new ones.

Under-eye wrinkles, cream, or different methods of under-eye wrinkles home remedy can be helpful, but if you want more effective results, then non-invasive treatments are recommended.

For more information about the under-eye wrinkles, and how to get rid of them, keep reading our article.

What causes eye wrinkles?

Wrinkles under eyes when smiling can be charming. They are written memoirs of all the good moments in your life. However, smiling is not the only cause. Causes of wrinkles under the eyes are numerous, and not all of them are nice and sweet.

Besides smiling, other repetitive facial expressions such as squinting, frowning, or furrowing your brows have the same effects.

Above all, the natural aging process is one of the main reasons too. From the twenties, our skin produces less and less collagen. That’s why the skin loses its elasticity, resulting in lines that become more pronounced with time. It’s something that happens to everyone, regardless of all the other factors. The only difference is that it happens sooner or later.

We should also take into account all the external factors, including excessive UV exposure, unhealthy life habits, lack of sleep and hydration, etc. Even though these factors don’t directly influence the formation of wrinkles, they influence the process of aging.

How to prevent eye wrinkles?

To prevent the formation of new eye wrinkles, make sure to take good care of your skin. Ise specific products to gently exfoliate the dry skin under your eyes to promote new cell growth. Also, don’t forget to moisturize your skin. Lack of moisture can have a negative impact on the area around your eyes.

At the same time, protect yourself from UV rays. Always use sunscreen. Even if it’s not that sunny, make sure to use SPF cream. If you are in direct sunlight, wear a hat and sunglasses. They’ll keep you from squinting – you know, one of the repetitive facial expressions that can cause fine lines.

Last, but not least, make sure to eat a healthy diet. A healthy diet means firmer and younger-looking skin. Vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E help contribute to the renewal of the skin. That’s why you must incorporate them into your diet.

How do I get rid of eye wrinkles

Anyway, if you have tried everything and the wrinkles won’t go away, keep in mind that there are some other solutions. There are various treatments to help you get rid of them.

Now you are probably asking yourself what procedure is best for under eye wrinkles. The answer to that question depends on whether you have fine lines or deep under-eye wrinkles.

Under-eye wrinkles Botox treatments and under-eye wrinkles fillers are proved to be the most effective methods. Both being injectables, botox and fillers are similar. However, they work in a different way. While fillers add volume to the skin tissue, botox paralyzes muscle contractions.

One thing is sure. They have the main purpose: to help you get rid of the wrinkles.

There is no single right way of getting rid of the under-eye wrinkles because everybody is different. That’s why, if this type of wrinkles bothers you, you should make an appointment without further delay and see which procedure is the best for you.

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